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What is a Zoning Report?

Zoning Reports are a tool used to analyze local zoning and land use regulations affecting your property.

The prevalence of Zoning Reports continues to surge due to the new 2016 ALTA/NSPS Standards and requirement of Zoning Endorsements 3-06, 3.1-06 & 3.2-06. At CREzoning we have tailored our reports to provide all the tools necessary to obtain lender approval and issuance of all the Zoning Endorsements. We also offer to customize our zoning reports per your requests and needs

CREzoning tailors our Zoning Reports to our clients needs. Typically, we provide three types of reports:

Zoning Compliance Report, Use Analysis Report, crEZreport.

Zoning Compliance Report

Our most comprehensive report. Accepted by all major lenders and financial institutions, the Zoning Compliance Report provides you with a detailed analysis of the local zoning ordinance requirements and the existing conditions on-site.

The Compliance Report provides the necessary analysis required lender approval and ALTA Zoning Endorsements 3.1-06 & 3.2-06 (Zoning - Completed Structure & Land Under Development). We obtain written verification from zoning department or agency and confirmation of zoning classification.

Additionally, we analyze the zoning ordinance and provide statements pertaining to the property's conformance with use, setback, height, area, density and parking zoning regulations.

With the written verification of zoning request, we also submit a public records request with the local municipality for any documents pertaining to the use (special use permits, variances or deviations, special exceptions) and improvements (certificates of occupancy, approved site plans, building & zoning code violations).


  • What zoning district is the property located within?
  • Is the current use of the property permitted in the applicable zoning district?
  • Are the improvements in compliance with the applicable setback, height, area, density & parking requirements?
  • Are there any special permits, zoning relief or open zoning violations of any kind affecting the property?


CLICK HERE for an example of the Zoning Compliance Report. Please contact us one of our team members today for additional information.

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Use Analysis Reports

Our Use Analysis Report is ideal for vacant land, an outparcel with a proposed land use, or zoning diligence on a prospective property for purchase. The Use Analysis Report provides the development regulations (use, setback, height, parking, etc.) for the subject property and is combined with written zoning verification and public records requests submitted with the local municipality.

Accepted by all major lenders and financial institutions, the Use Analysis Report is a perfect tool to help in the issuance of ALTA Zoning Endorsement 3.06 (Zoning – Unimproved Land).

Please click below to see an example of the Use Analysis Zoning Report. Please contact us one of our team members today for additional information.

Use Analysis Example

Our crEZreport

Providing the most basic of information about the zoning of a property. The purpose of our crEZreport is to give a quick overview of the basic zoning requirements (setbacks, height, area, density & parking) without having to obtain written verification and a document request from the local municipality, which can take weeks.

We provide a delineated zoning map to confirm the applicable zoning district and present the bulk requirements as stated within the Zoning Ordinance.  The crEZ Report is not suitable for properties which are located within PUD, Planned Unit Developments, due to the complexity of the site specific requirements typically associated with PUDs.

Please click below to see an example of the new crEZreport. Please contact us one of our team members today for additional information.

crEZreport Example

Using CREzoning for your Zoning needs


The following are a few key points of interest about how our research and preparation help us to provide some of the fastest survey and zoning report turnaround times in the industry:

• Zoning Reports are typically issued within 24-48 hours of delivering the first draft of the ALTA/ACSM Survey.

• Upon request for quote, our staff researches each individual property to determine the full extent of the site(s). Based on that research, an aerial view of the entire subject property is created to show an approximate outline of the property boundary. Our property research also includes, but is not limited to, compiling property acreage/square footage, property use, number of buildings, points of access, parking, etc.

• Upon receipt of authorization to proceed with a survey proposal, our staff relays the property research to the surveyor(s) to ensure that the full extents of the property are captured at the time of the survey site visit. This is critical as, oftentimes, title work is not yet available to the surveyor, but an impending transaction deadline necessitates that field work be completed as soon as possible.

• Upon receipt of authorization to proceed with a zoning report proposal, the property research is also provided to our zoning team. The zoning team uses this data to capture all of the respective parcel numbers associated with the subject property. The respective parcel numbers, aerials and approximate acreages are submitted to the local jurisdiction so the requested Zoning Verification Letters can be prepared, and also so other associated records requests can be completed.

• Our survey and zoning team maintain constant communication throughout the entire survey/zoning report preparation process. This enables both teams to address any discrepancies and/or changes to the subject property area in “real-time” which ensures a seamless of completion of both the survey(s) and zoning report(s) without requiring any additional client involvement/communication.

• Our survey team keeps the zoning team apprised of the survey status so the zoning team can be sure they everything they need to complete the zoning report once the survey is issued. If the necessary zoning documents have not been provided by the local jurisdiction at the time of survey completion, our zoning team increases the frequency of their follow-ups on the requested documentation to ensure as timely a delivery of the report as possible.

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